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Contract Representative

Sometimes, as a business owner, you need a little help with local municipalities, county programs, state agencies, or a myriad of other available programs and services to help businesses through some tough seasons. Sometimes you need someone to take point and help wade through regulators, permitting, and more. 

Navigating the contacts programs and submitting everything on time can be a real challenge. 

I am here to help. 

As a contract representative, I can:

  • Be a point of contact on your behalf.
  • Field questions and start initial conversations. 
  • Save you time by funneling information and following up on simple tasks.
  • Work with you to navigate through these systems.
  • Start early negotiations and provide initial information for fact finding requests.
  • Help keep the various projects moving along

If you are stuck with agencies outside of your business or need help asking for help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Examples of My Work

In my last role as a Director of Economic Development, some of my efforts include:

Local Shuttle Service. Transitioning Ownership of the local Airport Shuttle Service to a new owner within one week. The current owner was approaching a deadline that would have caused them to breach the contract, disrupting the service area. I worked with the business owner to sell his business. I helped him find legal representation, found a buyer, helped them find legal representation, and worked with both parties, their lawyers, and the airport to help navigate a deal that kept the service running. 

  • Result: The shuttle services transitioned without interruption in service. The acquiring party was able to expand into this market.

Local Meat Packing Plant. Worked with a team of agencies to host six potential buyers while the company was in receivership. Worked on a variety of plans that would have helped facilitate the sales and reduce some of the time barriers. 

  • Result: Unfortunately the site went to auction. However, 6 other meat production companies are aware of Eugene and what the area has to offer.

Wayfair. Led some of the initial data requests and hosted a contingent from the corporate HQ. Plan and coordinate the day, make accommodations, provide local resources, connections, and meetings with key personnel and agencies. Worked with the State of Oregon for the scheduled visit. 

  • Result: The company placed its first West Coast Center in the area, adding 500+ jobs to the market.
  • Note: Additional work went into this project that was handled by other agencies.

Parking Situation in Mid-Town. Worked with the City of Eugene to address a business need for additional parking for employees. They were considering relocating outside of the area. We worked with the city to re-evaluate the permitted meters in the area.

  • Result: City added permitted parking to 40+ meters that were underperforming. The business was able to get more permits, allowing their employees to park nearby, allowing the business to stay in the area. The city was able to earn more revenue from those parking spots. 

Foreign Trade:

I have worked with Business Oregon and local manufacturers to participate in a foreign trade trip abroad.

I hosted trade representatives from outside Oregon and the US, taking tours of local facilities.

City of Eugene

I worked with the City of Eugene to troubleshoot businesses with various issues from permits, parking, SDC charges, development challenges, and much more. 

Contract Representative

If you need some help in the Eugene/Springfield Area, let me know what you need to see how I can help.

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