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Fractional COO

Looking for some help with your strategic efforts that can help you execute your vision? Need to solidify your operations to ensure timely delivery and high-quality results?

Let me help you with your business in a fractional way (Part-time C-Suite support)!

What is a Fractional COO?

A Fractional COO is a part-time Chief Operating officer that helps with operational strategy and implementation focusing on process development and standardization. The key to this engagement is assessing the business needs, prioritizing short-term needs and long-term goal setting, and creating deliverables that allow for business growth.

Elements in include:

  • Evaluate current operations; vision and execution, data, processes, position and job roles, communication, and capacity.
    Prioritize elements that need to be documented, created, implemented, or improved.
  • Goal setting and communication of key objectives with key results, accountability, and processes to ensure goals are being achieved.
  • Formalizing the elements of the business that are succeeding, identifying gaps in the business operations, establishing priorities, and clear communication.
  • Standardizing key positions/roles with clear job descriptions, responsibilities, and clarity in defining success in any position.
  • Documenting and standardizing processes and procedures from client acquisition to product/service delivery.
  • Work closely with CEO to achieve short-term and long-term goals.
  • Create a process for internal communication, problem identification, and resolution, and empower the team to solve common issues.
  • Contingency planning; identify key areas and vulnerabilities that would impede the operations of the business in the short or long run.

How does a Fractional COO work?

A fractional COO works closely with the CEO to evaluate the current operations, identify gaps and operational elements that are working, prioritize the development of missing elements, and improve existing processes, all to help the business gain traction towards goals. This engagement will help businesses grow and be in a place to scale.

Engagements generally follow:

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings, Monthly Check-ins
  • Quarterly Goal Setting and Accountability
  • 18-months recommended
Fractional COO Offerings

Benefits of a Fractional COO

  • Get Strategic Operational support without the cost of a full-time position.
  • Get Started formalizing business operations to ensure processes are well-documented.
  • For the CEO you can get someone that is on your team to support your vision at higher-level support.

I'm focused on building businesses and enjoy project work, reaching goals, and being engaged as long as I'm adding value.

Core Offerings of the Fractional COO service

I offer three main areas of help.

  1. Operations Manual: Your business needs an operations manual to help manage the business, show it to potential investors, or scale your business.
  2. Operations System: Your business works with you at the helm, managing every facet of the business. You need to add positional hierarchy, communication systems, goal settings, priority classification, and more to get the business to run more efficiently.
  3. CEO Support: You have a tested and proven idea and the business is at a pivot point. You need to start bringing people on to take over elements, or if you have a team but have a project you need some additional C-level support. I can help.

How to get started

We can talk through your needs and talk through some options.

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