Running a business can be difficult more so when facing challenges. Our team is here to help you understand the challenge and explore solution options. Our services listed are a sample of processes that can help you explore options and work towards solutions. If you need a particular service you do not see listed here, please contact us.

List of Services

Storytelling – Capture your Narrative

Shaping the narrative of your business in today’s world can be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be! One of our consultants can provide an external perspective and help you find your story and secure your place in today’s market. We can interview key personnel, review historical documents and collect impressions from the community, past and present. With this information, we can work with as much as little collaboration to create a narrative that helps you tell the story of your business and control the shape of the outgoing narrative. 

Keywords: Public Relations

Coaching – Listening and Advising

Sometimes people who are experts in their industry need help getting organized and strengthening a strategic position. A consultant can act as an engaging, live, sounding board that reflects the positive aspects of your expertise so that you can critically evaluate and strategically engage a direction for your business. This is a useful process involving listening and reflecting, encouraging and facilitating ideation, and providing professional and measured feedback.

Keywords: Coaching & Training Services, Leadership Transition, Strategic Doing, Ideation

Facilitation – A Third Party Helper

When unique and creative individuals contribute to a singular effort there are bound to be complications, miscommunications, and misunderstanding. Usually, obscurities in workplace communication are simply resolved through monitored facilitation. We can work with key personnel to assess strengths, personality preferences, and communication profiles that will increase understanding. We can also use this data to provide professional recommendations to encourage efficient communication that will help streamline conversations and lead to effective resolutions.

Keywords: Team Building, Organizational Behavior, Conflict Resolution, Strategic Doing, Ideation

PR/Marketing – Supporting Your Efforts

You know your business. It’s sometimes difficult to explain it to others. We can help you develop a process for marketing. Our consultants can train and develop personnel on your team to generate or enhance a marketing campaign. We can train someone to compose Press Releases, maintain a Social Media presence, generate effective blogs, create company profiles or professional individual bios, and intensify current marketing efforts.

Keywords: Public Relations, Organizational Behavior, Coaching & Training Services

Business Analysis – Organizational Support

Knowing where you stand is essential to creating effective strategies of present and future positions. Business analytic tools can provide accurate assessments to test and verify the status of your business or organization. We can collect data for useful assessment, and we can advise interpretations of profile reports that will help you assess where your business is strong and what your options are for moving forward. Some of the assessment tools available include P.E.S.T.E.L. and S.W.O.T. analysis. More specific tools and assessments are accessed according to individual industry and need.

Keywords: Development, Data Reporting & Analytics

City Reports – Economic Data and Local Narratives

In special cases where a business is seeking to move or expand, it becomes necessary to explore a new market, or explore a known market in a fresh and new way. A City Report is a collection of baseline data about the city and region. A full report includes market conditions, industry specific analysis, and recommendations for scope and culture integration.

Keywords: Development, Data Reporting & Analytics