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Strategic Doing – Workshop Inquiry

Strategic Doing Workshop Inquiry

Are you looking for a different approach to complex collaborations? Want to have a strategic session that brings a core group of people together, allows people to contribute, and ends the day with an actionable plan?

Strategic Doing Book with CardStrategic Doing may be the answer.

It's a merge of strategic planning and getting something done.

Strategic Doing takes the approach of bringing people together that are willing to commit to a process that will produce an outcome. It's a collaboration of "the willing" and focuses on aligning mutual interests, engaging in a small project that can move the needle on a more significant need.

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Strategic Doing Session

I'm looking for someone or a group to try a Strategic Doing session to work on a complex problem.

Ideally, a diverse group of 5 - 8 people to come together, have a strategy session to discuss a complex problem and define a single solution, which this group will address.


  • 3-hour session - Between the dates of February 1st - 28th
  • Group of 5 - 8 individuals that are willing to share ideas and work on a solution
  • The reason to come together is to address a complex problem and propose one solution
  • The "solution" is not predetermined
  • Participants are willing and able to contribute to a small team project that works on the solution.

If you are interested in having a Strategic Doing session, please email me at

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