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Group Writing Coach

Group Writing Coach

Whether you want to explore writing a book jointly with others, or you are a group of individuals who each have their own project in mind, a Group Writing Coach can help you—

  • get started
  • understand the basics of book writing, editing, and publishing
  • learn how to provide formal feedback to each other
  • learn to read and write with a critical eye
  • facilitate generative writing and free-flow brainstorming for creative ideation.

What is Group Writing Coaching?

For a group of individuals who are interested in taking the next steps in writing. Maybe you are a book club that wants to explore the possibilities of writing your own novel, either together or individually. Maybe you are a writing group seeking instruction or clarification on how to formally and responsibly critique each other's writing. Maybe you work better with others and want to form a small group to hold each other accountable for the writing process. If any of these descriptions sound familiar, then Group Writing Coaching may be just what you need.

How does Group Writing Coaching work?

I meet in advance with a dedicated group leader who represents the group’s interests in writing. This meeting helps me customize content and facilitate productive working sessions for the group.

  1. Group Writing Workshop—a customized session where I will meet with your group and discuss project ideas, provide feedback, advice, and coach you in creating actionable goals and next steps. Includes one 30-minute, pre-meeting workshop with organizer. Up to 2 hours.
  2. Monthly Group Writing Coach Sessions—For the group who wants to commit to a process together that will help individuals shape their writing project and includes instructions for the group members on how to read, reflect, and critically respond to one another work. The Monthly Group Writing Coach Session Plan includes a 90-minute consultation and instructions for another hour of work each month. This plan is a 3-month contract, renewable with 30-day cancellation.
  3. Add-on Coaching Package— adds four individual coaching sessions of 30 minutes each. These sessions may be used by anyone in the group.

Examples of Work

In addition to teaching various levels of writing at Universities, with students ranging in age from 17 to 70, I have worked with and managed groups of writers in many different contexts. I have worked with book clubs that have shown interest in writing their own novels or short stories. I have worked with publications that have needed help organizing writers and writing projects. I have also worked with PR and Marketing firms to strengthen the writing skills of office workers.

The best way to see if I am a good fit for your project is to click the button below for a 15-minute consultation.


Meeting Frequency Price
Group Writing Workshop $750
Monthly Group Writing Coach Sessions $750/month
Add-on Coaching Package $500

How to get started

To get started, schedule a 15-minute consultation by clicking below.

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