Business Writing 101

Business Writing 101

Whether you are an Administrative Assistant, Support Staff, a Business Executive, or a Founder/CEO, at every level of business, communication through writing is a requirement. A Writing coach can help you learn how to write, structure writing projects, and know when to outsource

The Three Phase Writing Process

The Writing Process provides a map to organize your message and streamline a finished product. Conceptualizing your project in three phases helps you stay on track and work toward completion.

3 phases of writing
3 phases of writing

The more you use the three-step writing process, the easier and faster it will become. You will also get better at allotting your time for each step. This is especially helpful when you have an imposed deadline. But, even if you aren’t accountable to a specific project deadline, you should set a working deadline so you will finish your project.

Once you have a date, you can approximate a plan by dividing your time into phases. This is really useful if you aren’t writing full-time. You can keep one aspect of your project in front of you as long as you need before moving to the next phase.

As a rule, you should dedicate roughly half your time to planning, one-quarter of your time to writing, and the remaining quarter to completing the project. It may seem counterintuitive to spend more time planning than writing, but it works. I tested this out with students of all ages and working professionals. This is great news for those who are intimidated by writing. Spending time organizing and planning what you want to communicate eases the process of writing itself.

For every business message you send, you can use the three-step writing process to reduce the time and energy required to communicate effectively. Whether it’s a small project, like an email or interoffice communication, or a larger project, like a business plan or proposal. The same process is helpful for developing and writing a book or even a novel.

How a Writing Coach Can Help

Need help organizing your writing project? Consider hiring a Writing Coach to provide insight and strategy in order to help you develop a plan. Planning your writing project is most of the work. A Writing Coach can help you through the whole process, but the planning phase often requires the most thought and structure. You don’t have to take it all on alone.

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