Convergent Thinking Group

About Convergent Thinking Group

Convergent Thinking is all about simple and direct solutions that allow you to advance your goals or innovate to create a new and sound path forward. We want to help you be better at what...
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Consulting Services

Running a business can be challenging, more so when facing challenges. Our team is here to help you understand the challenge and explore solution options. Our services listed are a sample of processes that can...
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might be looking for my SEO services. I created a website to manage that series of products. It’s called Waymaker SEO. I created this other website to be a brand on its own because...
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If you are ready to get started or want to start a conversation we are here and ready to start. Simply fill out the form below and we can reach out to you. Please enable...
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Convergent Thinking Consulting Group

Choas to Clarity

We are a consulting service here to help businesses, leaders, and communities perform at their best.

How do we do this?

We work to generate ideas and bring them into solution sets that work with your cohort, company, or leadership style. Our goal is to take what you have and help you improve your resources and connect to solutions that get work completed.

It's out-of-the-box thinking with in-the-box solutions.

What's our unique approach?

Our experience, our knowledge, and our ability to create actionable strategies. We use out-of-the-box thinking for in-the-box solutions.