Convergent Thinking is all about simple and direct solutions that allow you to advance your goals or innovate to create a new and sound path forward. We want to help you be better at what you do best.

Convergent Thinking represents an outcomes-based organizational structure. Every process begins with an element of divergent thinking: brainstorming, ideation, and fresh perspectives. Ultimately, though, these ideas and perspectives must be sorted and evaluated to produce strategic doing efforts.

These values are accomplished by promoting strategic business efforts, emphasizing three central aspects: clarity, coaching, and connection.


Gaining certainty when a business is in motion. Whether it is fast growth, or leadership transitions, or a changing economy, it is important to capture a moment of clarity for coherent decision making.


Business leaders wear multiple hats. It is essential to have access to tools that will help you develop your strengths and fill in the gaps in areas of weakness in order to solidify a position of strength in a fast-moving marketplace.


Sometimes you need a business concierge. You know what you do best, and someone else can step in to make introductions, negotiate particulars of an order, or just be there to ensure that communication goes smoothly.

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Joshua and Erica
Erica Monge-Greer and Joshua Monge – Founders

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